Get Rid of Termites

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Moving into a new home? Living in an old home? Well, termites are a problem that cannot be avoided. Certainly, most homeowner’s don’t give much thought to termite infestation, but it could easily happen to them. Therefore, it is vital to get rid of termites as soon as possible to save their home from damage.

Termite Infestations
Let’s take a real close look at termites. They are almost invisible to the eye. However, they could be hiding in the tiny grains of wood fibers in the home. These tiny little bugs love dinning on the wood structure of your home. Once termites get into the wooden structure of your home, they could really cause a lot of damage. This damage might cost hundreds to thousands. The damage spreads quickly to all wooden structures in the home. Even wooden furniture. Furthermore, these tiny bugs make the home a very unsafe place for the entire family. Therefore, it is important to act quickly and defend the home against further termite invasion with a few preventative treatments.

Termite Facts
The fact is that most home owner’s don’t know that much about termites. Rarely, are they aware that they are indeed in the middle of a termite infestations. Here are a few facts to consider about the pests: Termites rarely operate alone. They operate in colonies. The colonies will swarm over a home and completely devour wooden structures. The pests are known to bore holes into wood structures and form tunnels for future colonies of termites.

Termites Are Dangerous
The fact is that termites are a danger to the home and the family. One termite colony could damage or completely destroy the entire wooden structure in a home. Often, these wooden structures are supporting the framework of the home. Weakening those structures is damaging and unsafe for the family. Certainly, a home like this would never sell again on the open market. This might lead to requiring the entire structure demolished. However, there is hope on the horizon. Simply, get those pests under control with a good termite treatment system performed by a professional company.

Why Monitor Any Termite Activities

Termites have always been considered dangerous and troublesome insects. Humans are not attacked by termites directly, but their wood destroying activities can harm humans in many different ways. Termites are notorious for causing millions of dollars of damage to homes, buildings, and many other structures around the globe. Individuals and business owners spend millions of dollars on pesticide treatments that are designed to eradicate termite colonies.

Termites will always pose a threat to human health. It is a big health risk for anyone to live in a home infested by these pesky critters. It is also a major concern for anyone to work in a building that has termite activity.

The Importance of Early Detection

It is mandatory to assess the clear signs of a termite invasion when one considers the danger they pose to humans. Getting familiar with the signs of a termite invasion can help you play a major role in selecting an exceptional residential termite treatment system. It is imperative for you to recognize and respond to termite activity promptly. Only swift action can preserve your wood and save your home from extensive damage.

Recognizing the signs of termite activity can be a challenging task for anyone. Some are under the impression that they can detect termite presence in their home, but they fail to realize that early signs of termite activity are not obvious. Looking for an active termite colony in your home or building will consume your efforts and precious time. Termites are capable of burrowing deep into the wooden structure of your home. They are also capable of eating through wood within a short period of time. This is why it is vital for you to recognize the early signs of an invasion. This earnest effort can help save your home.

The Location of the Colony

Termites are well-known for hiding in mud holes. Hiding in mud holes give termites a golden opportunity to feed on the fortifications of your home. This activity takes place below furnishings and floors. It is imperative for you to periodically check for signs of mounds and mud holes. Termite mounds are easy to spot since they are created by their feces. Areas with wood should be visually inspected for signs of termites.

Termite activity can also take place in your outdoor garden. They normally nest in fallen dry leaves and dead tree stumps. Some species also form mud holes in the earth.

Monitoring Potential Points of Entry

Looking for routes of entry is an effective way of determining if termites have infiltrated your home. Thoroughly inspect crevices and cracks around your home. These are easy entry points for termites. You should also check window panes, door moldings, and the frame structures of your doors.

Termites have a nasty reputation for causing serious wood damage to homes, buildings, and other structures. Their aggressive activity is associated with health problems and expensive repairs. Detecting early signs of termite presence is the key to dealing with them effectively. You can consult with someone who has experience with home termite treatment if you are not capable to detecting the presence of termites in or around your home.

Prevention of Termite Intrusion

 Tim Szlachetka via Compfight
Tim Szlachetka via Compfight

The inspection plan is all about uncovering termites early enough since we are all aware that, treatment, extermination and prevention of termites, a menace that is almost equivalent to tornadoes, hurricanes and floods to any home owner has proved truly costly and time consuming. We have an option though of stopping these wood eating insects in their tracks and ensuring a reasonable level of termite treatment costs, homeowners have opted for preventive measures in order to cut costs in the rising economy.

However, treatment of termites can be well approached through an approach of assessment that serves as a proactive measure with the aim of reducing economic costs, notating that the measure is only subject to regular assessments that in turn ensures prevention of extensive damages to homes altogether.


How to go about it?

The importance of regular termite inspection will only be realised in a long term basis that translates to prevention of infestation in future, severity of the current infestation as well as the effect of the same damage. This regular inspection is realized when certain procedures are employed;

1. Procedure 1- Private termite inspection

Check for any slight sign of termites in your surrounding especially the termite/mud tubes (a composition of termite and partially digested wood plus other organic matter), this are the common identification of termite infestation above the grounds despite the fact that termites are subterranean insects, therefore a thorough check both indoors and outdoors is quite essential.

Specific areas to check include:

  • Outdoors – Any inspection carried out on the exterior of the house is normally very simple for it involves a thorough check on the perimeter of the house. This is really simple given it is actually out in the open is fairly easy. It basically involves checking for signs under any foundation and also opening up of any prone termite infesting areas e.g. under dead brush, wood and plastic siding of the home.
  • Indoors – This will definitely take up most of your time because as it is, it requires one to be very keen. The idea is to never leave any stone unturned. In every room, make sure to inspect behind objects, under the furniture, on wooded surfaces as well as behind the curtains. In as much as this may prove tiring and time consuming, it is a worthy course. Never overlook the possibility of presence of mud tubes on dry walls and on flours for just like outdoors, the indoors are affected the same way. A flashlight is a sure way of checking for available imperfections on the hidden parts of the wall. Study the severity of the termite infestation on indoor surfaces by pressing your finger on these areas.
  • Crawl spaces – Use a flashlight or any other long tool e.g. crowbar to inspect and explore any mud tubes present in tight spaces, foundations and pillars around the house for reasons of eliminating the probability of termites infestation and testing for severity and intensity of their destruction respectively . Put on an overall to keep clean.
  • Attics – An attic is considered as a highest point of a home but its highness doesn’t guarantee protection from termite infestation in any way. The same procedures of checking for mud tubes, decayed wood and severity of termite damage is also applicable in the attic.


What entails termite inspection?

Whether one carries out the inspection on their own or hires a professional he/she should also consider the following factors:

  • Time – is a primary and paramount factor in this inspection, an estimated 30 minutes to 3 hours is stipulated as enough time to complete a given inspection. This inspection should be carried out once every year except in termite prone areas like arid areas, where inspection period should be shorter.
  • Size – houses of about 1500- 5000 square feet and above, will call for a hired professional to carry out the inspection as opposed to smaller ones.
  • Accessibility – the size of an attic and the space available between tight places will determine whether an adult carries out inspection or call for professional directive.
  • Year of construction – some very old houses normally have inaccessible areas.
  • Vegetation – the vegetation around a home will also determine if some areas around the house are accessible for termite inspection.


2. Professional termite inspection

This is another option solicited from licensed termite companies. It involves a trained specialist who works hand in hand with the property owner to ensure a termite- free home, furthermore, it saves time a great deal. The same inspection report more often than not comes in handy when one is selling property.

The report plays two major roles:

i. Termite reports, updates the owner of the termite situation at hand and to help him/her design prevention measures early enough, but it does not in any way, eliminate the vice.

ii. In this report, a property owner will be able to explore the high-risk areas that harbor termite colonies, specific types of colonies available, the extent of damage already caused and if any treatment measures have been put in place that will direct recommendations in future.
In conclusion, its prudent to note that whether you go for professional help or decide to do it all by yourself, the main idea is that this inspection will save you money in future but only if it is carried out regularly. In the end, you as the homeowner will be at ease knowing that your property is safe from termites.

Termite reports should never be a hindrance to any potential buyer because they have an opportunity to enter into an agreement with their sellers who will facilitate further preventions and repairs on the property.

Always consider a termite inspection as a preventive measure that encompasses the above mentioned measures as well as other important actions e.g. Trimming of scrubs, avoiding wooden trellis, fixing leaky roofs and making sure that wood debris and saw dust is kept nowhere near the house. The only sure way to reduce unnecessary costs e.g. substantial repair costs in future.


Choosing the Right Termite Protection Methods

Your home is an investment that must be protected from all kinds of damage. One of the most critical involves the infestation of termites and any other pests that have the potential for compromising its structure. Therefore, before a homeowner allows this kind of problem to escalate, they should deal with it immediately by using the best termite protection methods.

Because colonies of termites can produce quickly and cause substantial damage to a homes’ foundation and structure, it is important for each homeowner to act quickly with a resolution that will not only kill the termites that they see, but also prevent other colonies from forming again over time. This said, there are some companies that provide the best services needed to assist with getting rid of these small and harmful pests. In specific, Termite protection Brisbane companies are available to serve homeowners in their areas because they have the capability to provide termite free homes. With the knowledge and expertise that their specialists have acquired, they cab use the right products to get rid of both small and large infestations. Because their teams are skilled in knowing the termites social behaviors, they can use termite products that will eliminate them without leaving a trace.

It is also important to note that there are several things that a homeowner can do to keep mild to manageable termites at bay. Some of the more commonly known are as follows:

Use effective termite baits around the property. These baits are designed to keep termites will keep insects far away from the perimeters of the home.

  • Make sure the property is clean and dry so that termites will not have places to reside.
  • Breeding grounds for termites can be found in stagnant water so this kind of water should always be removed immediately.
  • Mild and manageable termite infestations can be handled by applying the appropriate commercial products around the home at least every 4 to 6 months.

On the other hand, if the termite problems are already too severe, it is important for professionals with the right expertise to be called in to protect the home from termite infestations. If allowed to persist, these little critters have the capability of eating most or all of the wood in certain places of the home in relatively short periods of time. They can also affect the structure of the home, which can result in quite costly damage. Therefore, it is important to protect the investment in the home by contacting companies like Termite Protection Brisbane so that they can completely irradiate the termite problem.

These professionals can also recommend other companies who have the expertise to correct any damage to the structure that has occurred. For instance, in some cases, part of the wood in the home may need to be replaced in the area that they see the most damage.

The home is an investment that will need to be protected from all kinds of damages. One of the most critical is damage that comes from termite infestations. Addressing these problems can be made easy by using the right commercial products and contacting professionals that have the appropriate expertise to irradiate these problems completely.

Natural Methods To Your Pest Problem

natural-methods-to-your-pest-problemThe notion of natural solutions may seem like it’s going to cost more. However, you will end up seeing that it’s a far better resource than going the other way. If you try to go with traditional means, outside of the things mentioned below, you may find that the options aren’t going to allow you to gain access to results that are favorable. They may end up killing pests, but they could also kill off plants, and even cause other issues to arise.


Try To Prevent The Infestation

To start this option, make sure that you consider prevention. You need to move all insects away from your home. If your façade is exposed, you need to move soil deposits. Colonies usually form around exposed wood surfaces.

Get familiar with the types of termites that may be in and around your home. You’ll find that there are different types of insects that could seem similar. You don’t want to strike after you see colonies rise up as that could pose serious issue. It’s important to know what you’re dealing with, and utilize the right resources to help you progress properly.

Utilizing a Boric Acid Option

Boric acid is a great choice to use. You can purchase this in a variety of areas. You want to take anything that you have near soil deposits and spread this. You can spread it without mixing it if you’d like. However, most people use water to mix a concentrated amount. Putting this around your home can help get colonies eradicated up front. Of course, you will want to seek out options that are concentrated. This has been known to kill insects from termites to fleas and more. The secret is to ensure that it soaks into the areas that you need most. Without that, the concentration may not be as good as you need it to be.

There may be prepackaged options that are meant to help with removing colonies. When visiting a store, look to see whether or not there are existing options that have a high concentration of this powder already in them. Ensure that the options are 100% organic, natural, and are free of dyes and harsh chemicals.

Tenting and Focusing On Heat

You’re going to find that the aforementioned solutions are going to help you get rid of termites naturally. However, there is another path that you need to consider when all else fails. This methodology may cost you a bit more, but it will work as it has been proven effective against pests. You will need to utilize a control tent for your home’s structure. Once in place, you will need to ensure that the temperature rises to an exponential manner. Termites do not do well with intensive heat. Over time, you can eradicate whole colonies and ensure that these insects do not thrive.


Test the aforementioned and you will ensure that termites are no longer an issue for you. Each option should be tried independently. That’s a sure fire way to ensure that you are able to gain access to the right solution for your home. If the goal is to focus on this in a natural manner, then you have to execute these options correctly. There’s one major thing that you have to remember about all of this, and that’s patience. You may not see results immediately. That’s one thing that is difficult to manage at first glance. If you expect to get everything done in a short span of time, you will end up mistaken. If all else fails, call in a professional. Professionals may be able to denote natural solutions.